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Maxy Look Egg Line Deep Restructuring Kit

Maxy Look Egg Line Deep Restructuring Kit

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The egg has exceptional nutritional, restructuring properties and has always been a precious ally for the health and beauty of hair.

This is a hair treatment enriched with egg proteins and minerals with a deep restructuring action that provides the essential components to regenerate structure of stressed and dried hair due to technical treatments, atmospheric agents, and smog.

It also has a great fragrance. 


RESTRUCTURING AND NOURISHING SHAMPOO Conditioning effect - Its highly rich formula combines cleaning and restructuring properties with deep conditioning action while giving hair nourishment, softness, and brightness for great cosmetic results.       1 250 ml bottle

- Leave-in restructuring Cream to Milk gives softness and hydrates hair shaft while rebalancing its pH. Hair is coated with a film that protects it and makes it silky, bright, and combable while increasing styling duration.  1 125 ml bottle

DEEP RESTRUCTURING A + B LOTION Balance Protein Recipe - A + B lotion for intense restructuring action on treated and damaged hair. The perfect balance of two proteins, Albumen and Keratin, make this product develop an intense restructuring action that gives hair bounce and volume while making it stronger and bright.  6 vials

3 packs of 60 ml each


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