Sometimes it happens to see your hair become thin and weak, almost limp ... it loses volume and hold of the fold ... it appears dull, as if the hair was weakened. But why?

The reasons can be many: an unbalanced diet lacking in vitamins and minerals, insufficient hydration (don't drink enough!), Chemical treatments that have removed the above elements from the stem or even just an excess of brushing or a excessive use of the plate.

What to do?

You don't have to be discouraged because Genus offers a single solution to all these problems:



OLIGOELEMENTS by Genus is a mineralizing lotion free of SLS and SLES, a real supplement specific for weak hair, whose strengthening action on the stem can be considered similar to that of an energizing lotion at the root.

How can it be used?

  • as a BOOSTER to increase the power of any mask / conditioner. Just add to the chosen product, before applying it on the hair and directly in the hand, a pipette of Oligoelements.
  • as a TRUE TREATMENT, in cases of major debilitation, using pure Oligoelements on the hair.

What does it contain?


Soy, which has a strong protein and lipid content, nourishes the tissues and has an antioxidant action that slows down aging, as it is rich in Vitamin E.


Health is a precarious balance to which the balance between acids and bases present in our body contributes. In our society, everything converges in an acidification of the organism. This decompensation forces our body to affect its reserves of mineral bases to counteract the aggression of acids, so we are victims of a general demineralization that makes us fragile. The Coralline Seaweed, thanks to its calcium and silicon content, favors the re-mineralization of the stem, for a healthy hair.

How to apply it?

Depending on the length of the hair, apply 1 or 2 pipettes of product and comb to distribute. Leave on for 5 minutes. Do not rinse and acidify with the most suitable mask or conditioner. If you are in a hurry, you can mix the appropriate amount of mask or conditioner with a pipette of Oligoelements before application, leaving it on for 3 minutes.

The advice of Alessio Bondi

Do you suffer from hyperhidrosis? Genus technical director, Alessio Bondi, recommends combining the use of Oligoelements at the root with that of the energizing Energy Lotion at the roots.

And if you suffer from severe hair loss and weakening, he recommends combining the lotion with an energizing treatment.

Oligoelements, the solution for hair full of life!

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